Adam's Opticks Profile

Hello, my name is Joe. I am a freelance writer, musician & filmmaker based in south west England. You should check out my website if you’re interested in that other stuff.

This blog is where I wax philosophical about science. My title is taken from the work of the seventeenth-century English philosopher and clergyman Joseph Glanvill:

‘Adam needed no Spectacles. The acuteness of his natural Opticks … shewed him much of the Coelestial magnificence and bravery without a Galileo’s tube … It may be he saw the motion of the bloud and spirits through the transparent skin, as we do the workings of those industrious Animals through a hive of glasse.

For Glanvill, the advance of science – in particular Galileo’s invention of the telescope – was far from blasphemous. Indeed he thought it ought to have been considered spiritually enriching in so far as it afforded mankind a recovery of his pre-Fall appreciation of the natural world. I’m not a religious person, but the sentiment – that science should help us foster a broader worldview – is one I share and want to promote in my writing.

[N.B. This bracketed sentence is the lightning rod erected to attract everyone googling for Joe Boswell’s ‘Adam’s Optics’ science and philosophy blog. It’s spelt ‘Opticks’, alright? ;)]